Top 10 Health Benefits of Curcumin

If health specialists were to single out a natural product considered as “panacea,” curcumin would be the top choice. There is a reason natural medicine specialists call it real gold or cure-cumin.

Studies indicate that it can help in hundreds of health conditions.

Regarding efficacy, curcumin may be more helpful than chemical drugs in numerous conditions. Moreover, researchers have compared its anti-inflammatory and painkilling properties with various other medications to see which is more effective.

Expectedly to those in the know, curcumin out-performed synthetic medicines in many cases.

1.    Anti-inflammatory action

Inflammation is characteristic of most illnesses, from joint diseases to autoimmune conditions, heart diseases, and other internal organs’ diseases. Notably, curcumin is potent enough to be compared with some of the commonly used anti-inflammatory drugs.

Furthermore, unlike anti-inflammatory drugs, curcumin is not only safe for the stomach or kidney, but it is also beneficial.

Inflammation goes hand in hand with pain; therefore, curcumin may also help relieve pain. Amazingly, curcumin can even aid in acutely painful conditions, like post-operative pain.

2.    Antioxidant

Energy is required for all bodily functions, among which are movement, muscle building, and organ repair. It comes via the oxidation (burning) of nutrients. However, the said burning of nutrients has a byproduct: free radicals—highlyreactive molecules capable of damaging tissues if uncontrolled.

Free radicals are responsible for aging, and they also worsen the progression of diseases. Curcumin is a powerful antioxidant. Thus it can help to slow down the aging process, prevent disease-related damage to tissues, and at the same time, promote healing.

3.    Relieves fatigue and anxiety

Chronic fatigue and anxiety are consequences of the modern lifestyle. And if they are not tackled in a timely fashion, they may cause chronic stress, weaken immunity, and bring about diseases. Fortunately, curcumin has been demonstrated to help with both fatigue and anxiety.

4.    Anti-microbial

Curcumin can help treat various bacterial and fungal infections. Researchers propose multiple mechanisms of action. Some studies indicate that curcumin can penetrate microbes, break their cell wall, and thus destroy them in the process.

Antibiotic resistance is an emerging challenge in the treatment of infections. There is scope for curcumin in preventing antibiotic resistance. It means that curcumin may have a beneficial effect when used with antimicrobials.

5.    Gunning for cancer

Cancer is a very complex disease and comprises numerous mechanisms. It has various mutation and inflammation mechanisms, along with those through which it overwhelms the immune system.

At multiple levels, curcumin helps to prevent the development of cancer in the body. It is also be constructive when used as part of a holistic anti-cancer therapy.

6.    Good for kidneys

The kidneys are responsible for detoxifying our body. They also play a role in the maintenance of blood pressure and water balance. That being said, most of the drugs used to treat diseases are in one way or another toxic to kidneys. Nonetheless, curcumin isn’t. It not only aids in alleviating diseases; it also helps to protect kidneys.

7.    Good for gut health

Curcumin may help heal intestinal mucosa, reduce inflammation, and treat inflammatory bowel disease. It also has a role in other gastrointestinal disorders.

8.    Brain health

Various neurodegenerative diseases are on the rise, which is due to an aging population and environmental toxicity. Curcumin is a potent neuro-protector, hence, if ingested protractedly, could help prevent brain disorders, like dementia and Parkinson’s disease.

9.    Mood stabilizer

Conditions like depression and other mood disorders arise with age and disease prevalence. Curcumin has mood-stabilizing effects, as shown in multiple clinical trials.

10.    Help fight diabetes

Diabetes is perhaps the most prevalent disease in the world, and multi-organ complications characterize it. The disease affects almost every organ in the body, from the skin to the eyes, brain, and heart. Curcumin, thanks to its broad health benefits, may help prevent various diabetic complications.

Curcumin has multiple health benefits and can help prevent and treat diseases. Notwithstanding, what is pivotal is to choose a formulation with high bioavailability, like curcumin with cyclodextrin.

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