Marijuana’s History In The United States

Smoking marijuana in North America comes with its own distinct history. While the earliest history of cannabis products in the United States begins with the need for textiles, America’s current attitudes of positivity towards cannabis come after a journey of ups and downs.

Cannabis as we know it originated in Central Asia and was spread across the world over thousands of years. Some of the earliest settlers brought it over as a means to produce textile products like clothing, sails, paper and more.

There were also types of cannabis that were beneficial to assisting people with medical concerns such as nausea, sleep and more. Some of the types of cannabis that we favour today for its cerebral uses were discovered as late as 1923. Cannabis, for example, was discovered in Russia during this time. The earliest attempt of cannabis that was grown in colonies throughout the United States did not produce these types of effects.

The earliest forms of narcotic style cannabis were brought over from South Africa, Jamaica, and India. Smokable cannabis took off in the United States after a jump from the Caribbean and South America in 1910 and 1911. A series of refugees were crossing the border from revolution violence during this time and they brought smokable cannabis varieties with them.

The very first time that cannabis substances started to face backlash in the United States was in the year 1914 where El Paso became the first city to introduce an ordinance against cannabis products. In the 1930’s as part of the prohibition effort, marijuana would be deemed illegal without a hope of the legalization effort until the past few years.

Although marijuana has come a long way in the United States, the deeper history of cannabis products that have been ingested worldwide dates back thousands of years. Although America has always taken a fairly hard stance on the legalization of marijuana, the history of these products within the country can still be considered quite new.

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