How Long Does CBD Stay in Your System?

While most people may be hesitant to use CBD because of its reputation or the possible risk of having a drug test, there is good new news out there. For many years, scientists have been trying to find out how long CBD lasts in the body. Although many individuals may be hesitant to use CBD, due to its possible side effects or the negative stigma that still shrouds marijuana in some areas, there are new and innovative studies that show CBD may not be as dangerous as previously believed. In fact, CBD may even have some medical benefits that can help people who suffer from chronic diseases like MS. If you have MS or any other chronic disease, it’s important to know how long CBD lasts in the body and what you can do to make the drug even more effective for treating the disease.

When researchers from the University of California-Davis tested mice for human sclerosis, they found that CBD definitely decreased the progression of the disease when administered to the mice on a steady diet. Scientists believe that this ability of CBD to modulate the immune system is what helps make CBD one of the best drugs for reducing the symptoms of MS. Since CBD is already being used in the treatment of MS sufferers, it’s easy to see why this research is significant. Unfortunately, until new research shows that humans no longer need a prescription to take CBD, anyone who suffers from MS who wishes to continue taking their medication would be well advised to continue a course of CBD supplement even if the doctor says the body can’t absorb the medicinal benefits of the metabolite.

The answer to the question “How long does cannabidiol last in the body?” is “it depends.” In all of the studies of CBD and MS, there was no direct evidence that cannabidiol reduced the progression of the disease in all of the test subjects. Only the results of a few of the mice are known to show a reduction in MS symptoms. It is believed, however, that the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of CBD are critical in keeping the disease at bay. If further studies confirm the efficacy of CBD as an important weapon in the arsenal of treatment for MS sufferers, it will be fascinating to see just how long it will be able to keep MS at bay.

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