The Canadian Geese Are Annoying

The Canadian Geese have really been out of control this year. The geese have been known to disturb people in my area, but they’ve never come to my home. I would always laugh when they harassed people, especially when it happened to one of my neighbors, but this year, I’ve become their target. They’ve flown into my backyard and front yard. They’ve left droppings everywhere, and they’ve even stolen food from me. I couldn’t take being a target any longer, so I contacted a Canada Geese control company to handle the problem.

A team of workers from the company came to my house early one morning. The geese had already arrived and were walking around, looking for something to attack. When the workers confronted the geese, the geese ran right towards them. It was like I was watching a confrontation out of a nature documentary. The workers were ready and rounded up each goose one by one. They made it look so easy. I couldn’t even get a hand around the geese without them biting me with their bills. The workers caught 10 geese in all, and they loaded them into the back of their truck so they could be transported far away from my home and released into the wild.

I have a feeling that this isn’t the last time I’m going to have to deal with Canadian Geese. The ones that were terrorizing me are gone, but there are a lot more in the wild. I don’t know what makes them so aggressive around people, but I can stand having them nipping at me. For such short creatures, the geese really know how to cause a disturbance. I’ve been telling other people about the company that I used because they’ve been having their own problems with the geese.

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