The Hot Days of Summer

There’s nothing like going out in nature and experiencing the fresh air. In the summer, I went hiking with a friend for a little bit of relaxation. Going through the trail was a lot of fun, but I needed to cool off, so I went back home to take a shower and sit in my room with the air conditioner on. When I tried to turn on the air conditioner, only regular room temperature air would come out. Something had gone wrong, so I had to find someone to perform an AC repair in Queens.

While looking for a repair company, I was sweating bullets. I didn’t expect it to be so hot in my home, especially since I had it updated to make it more energy efficient. I figured that the insulation and windows would have kept some of the heat from building up in my home, but things just got worse as time passed. I had to put a fan in the window to suck some of the hot air of the room, but it barely felt like it was doing anything. I had to drink multiple bottles of water to keep myself hydrated.

Eventually the air conditioner was repaired by a company, and I was glad to not have to deal with that heat. My friend invited me to go hiking with him again, and I agreed. The last time we went, we were just walking along and looking at everything in a causal sense, but this time we wanted to see if we could find some birds. There are some birds that are native to the area and they usually come out at the same time of the year to build homes, reproduce, and just do general bird activities. I brought a pair of binoculars for the occasion.

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